Working Dogs Project


Do you own a Working Dog?

Guide dogs, sniffer and police dogs, animal assistant therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, herding dogs, acting and display dogs and more. Does your dog or dogs have a job? Do you rely on your dog to help you? Do you and your dog share your working day? We would love to hear about them and perhaps feature them in our Working Dogs Project.

The Story of Working Dogs.

We all know dogs are pretty incredible animals. In ancient times, their natural skills were used to aid us in hunting food,  working with livestock and protection. Over time, they became many different breeds and the loyal pets we have today. They still have those jobs too, and now take on even more diverse roles as we understand more about their amazing abilities.They are natural companions, guard dogs and best friends all rolled into one. Working dogs are trained use their natural skills, such as temperament (friendly, intelligent, willing to please), instinctive behaviours (e.g. herding) and senses (keen sense of smell) to help us in so many ways. From working dogs that we are familiar with like police dogs, guide dogs and sheep dogs to those undertaking less well-known tasks like therapy work and TV and film acting or even truffle sniffing, dogs have been helping us for thousands of years.

The Jobs that Dogs do.

Dogs can perform an enormous amount of service and assistance work. This can be helping their owners with mobility, sight or hearing issues or detecting medical emergencies. Maybe a seizure alert or detecting a range of complicated allergies and related problems. The help they provide on a day-to-day basis allows their owners to live much more independently. Therapy dogs can offer a calming presence to people in stressful situations.

Search and rescue dogs are trained to work in tough conditions, bad weather, rough terrain and even on the water. They are can detect the scent of missing humans over huge distances.

Right from the start dogs have worked alongside humans helping to control herding livestock, and acting as guard dogs.

Dogs also work in the entertainment industry. Specially trained acting dogs and performance dogs do everything from mascot work to appearing in film and television they are highly trained to take direction almost as well as the actors. Some have even become big stars in their own right.

Special mention has to be made for police and military dogs. Many have served alongside brave soldiers and policemen through conflicts and troubles in this country and abroad. They do a variety of jobs and over the years many have won medals for bravery and outstanding service.

We Want To Hear From You

If you own one of these amazing working dogs, ( maybe your dog has a job we haven’t mentioned), please do get in touch. We would love to photograph them and tell their story. Send us your details by filling in the Working Dogs Project form (just click on the button below) and we will be back in touch soon.

Whilst we would love to feature every single working dog, (we think they are all wonderful to do what they do and all deserve to be featured), we can only select a range from those that apply. If we do contact you, and you are happy to go ahead, we will arrange to come to you with our studio and give you and your working dog a studio and/or lifestyle photography session. We will supply you with a 10" x 8" framed print of your choice and three social media digital image files in exchange for your participation.

Anyone who applies will receive a 10% discount code to use against any of our products as a thank you.