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WDP - Watermill Wolves

Although called wolves they should actually be called wolf-lookalike lupine dogs. For although they possess all the stage presence, poise and power of the real wolf, the Watermill Wolves are bred for their excellent trainability and their softer nature. This makes them confident and assured on set and capable of acting with restraint and alongside people from all walks of life.

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WDP - Molly The Search and Rescue Dog

We recently had the great pleasure of spending some time with Molly the Collie and her owner June. Mollie is a beautiful, multi-coloured Collie and a lowland rescue dog with Search Dogs Sussex. This was definitely not something that we had come across before but lowland rescue dogs are widespread across the country, doing their bit to help save lives in urban areas on a regular basis.

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WDP - Springer Spaniel Tom

What a delight to spend some time with pioneering detection dog, Tom and his owner, trainer and best friend, Tony. Tom is a highly trained Springer Spaniel sniffer dog. The first one to be used by the West Midlands police force and latterly as a private contractor to sniff out dangerous substances including drugs and explosives.

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