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WDP - Rich who has two jobs!

Debbie has always worked with dogs. She trained Guide Dogs for the Blind for 12 years and also spent five years at a charity training German Shepherds as guide dogs too. Now she works at the kennels that belong to one of the UK’s premiere Great Dane breeders and Debbie felt that she still wanted to work with a dog and give something back to the community. When a new litter appeared, she spotted Rich and decided that she was going to be the dog to help her do that.

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WDP - Watermill Wolves

Although called wolves they should actually be called wolf-lookalike lupine dogs. For although they possess all the stage presence, poise and power of the real wolf, the Watermill Wolves are bred for their excellent trainability and their softer nature. This makes them confident and assured on set and capable of acting with restraint and alongside people from all walks of life.

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